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Yellow Skunkupine
The Yellow Skunkupine
The Yellow Skunkupine
Spawns From Jousting Arena
Drops Rat Tails, Fur
Physical attributes
Health 3
Status One-Time Spawn
Fouling Area 5 x 5 Squares
Quest Ready, Steady, Go!

The Yellow Skunkupine is a special Monster introduced for the Monster Tournament Questline. It is a regular skunkupine that Ivy has doused with a Yellowing Potion. It must be spawned from the Jousting Arena, during the quest Ready, Steady, Go! and none have been seen since.

With 3 Health, The Yellow Skunkupine takes between 2 and three hits to defeat. The Yellow Skunkupine will drop any item a regular skunkupine does and up to 3 Energy.