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Used in various Crafting Recipes and is earned from Tending Flowers

White Petals are used in various Crafting Recipes, and are earned from Tending Flowers (and random drops from other sources).

  • Inventory Tab: Materials
  • Cost to skip when required for crafting: 3 Gems


Collection Sources[]


  • Iceland Poppy Patch (1 every collection) and Iceland Poppy Shrug (3 every collection)
  • White Trillium (1 every collection) and White Trillium Shrub (3 every collection?)
  • Bush (mixed frequency with Orange Petal)
  • Gnomebell
  • Limited-edition Plants (from Valentine Botany: Fluttermush Ring, Romantic Larkspur, Talinum Incarnadine, Playful Trillium, Pink-Flower Penstemon, Sprite Blossoms, Flowering Bush, Amorous Reeds, Lustweed), Autumn Blooms, Frozen Dahlia, Scorched Rose, Sleeping Dahlia, Spring Flower, Withering Bush


  • Arctic Bear
  • Faeries (including Agni, Lumi)
  • Fawnicorns (including Enchanted Fawnicorn, Rednosed Fawnicorn)
  • Griffins (including Faerie Griffin, Fireworks Griffin, Glimmer Griffin, Griffina)
  • Raccoons (including Spring Raccoon)
  • Skunkupines (including Party Skunkupine
  • Yeti


  • Maypole