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Which Team Are You On?
Trigger None
Rewards 1,800 Coins, 7 Exp
Level Unknown
Quest progression
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Lila's Request

Azalea's Request

Team Lila, Part 1

Team Azalea, Part 1

Ivy.png "Uhh, what did we just get ourselves into? What are ya gonna do? Lila reminds me of you. Young, enthusiastic, wanting to prove to everyone she's capable. And Azalea has been a friend to us... she just needs a little help to get back to it."

Which Team Are You On? is the fourth quest in the Team Azalea or Team Lila Questline.


WARNING: Choice depends on Greenhouse recipe crafted. If you tap "Pick" for Azalea but craft the Choose to help Lila recipe you will follow the Lila path.