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Wheat is used to make Flour, a cooking ingredient. It is vital for Flour, an essential ingredient in many recipes, but otherwise it is an unremarkable crop.

Use: It takes 5 Wheat and 30 minutes in the Kitchen to make 1 Flour.

Farming: The player must be Level 3 to plant Wheat in a Plot. It costs 30 Coins to plant and earns 90 Coins when harvested. It takes 2 hours to grow.

Other Collection Sources[]

  • Buildings: Ivy's Petting Zoo, Griffin Roost, Windmill
  • Creatures:
    • Faeries (including Aideen - The Leprechaun Faerie)
    • Foxes (including Forest Fox)
    • Griffins (including Faerie Griffin, Fireworks Griffin, Glimmer Griffin, Griffina, Royal Griffin)
    • Penguins
    • Raccoons (including Autumn Raccoon)
    • Skunkupines (including Elf Skunkupine, Ghost Skunkupea, Party Skunkupine, Pepe Jr., Pepe le Skunkupine, Skunkumouse, Skunkupea, Spring Skunkupea, Werepea, Wereskunk)