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Weekday Warrior is a special limited-window opportunity to get brief periods of Unlimited Energy. It is a great way to restock basic items.

Weekday Warrior starts on Wednesday nights when there is no other active event, and ends right before a new event is released on Thursday. This makes the window some 10-12 hours long. If you don't get online during the window, you miss it.

The Goals section of this article briefly lists the simple goals. Experienced players can plan their preparation from this list, including a Goal 3 control. If you are new, need reminders, or are concerned about tips and strategies, read the Preparation section below it.

The last section has lists of qualifying items for each task.


Here are the simple goals.

Goal 1: Weekday Warrior[]

Rewards: 100 Coins, 1 xp, +30 energy

Goal 2: Weekday Warrior[]

  • Visit town buildings 0/10 COLLECT (list)
  • Harvest from flowers 0/15 HARVEST (list)
  • Craft goods 0/5 CRAFT (list)

Rewards: 100 Coins, 1 xp, +10 minutes of Unlimited Energy

Goal 3: Weekday Warrior[]


  • Harvest crops 0/10 HARVEST
  • Tend to animals 0/10 TEND
  • Fight monsters 0/4 FIGHT

Rewards: 5000 Coins, 25 xp, +10 minutes of Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Energy[]

The reward is 10 minutes of unlimited energy. The place where you normally see your energy balance will change and in its place will show UNLIMITED ENERGY and a timer counting down from 10 minutes. When the time ends, your energy balance will be restored to the level before the timer. If you had 60, you will be restored to 60, etc.

Previously, many players had to force close (restart game) to see this unlimited timer, which unfortunately consumed part of the time! Wait up to 5 seconds to see if you need to force close.

Players on iOS report they can use a swooping motion up the screen to pick up all the collected items at once. There is no reported equivalent on Android.

Preparation Tips[]


Keep in mind that Weekday Warrior will not occur during an event.

There are several important things to keep in mind:

  • some long-term collections need to be prepped in advance.
  • if you are not careful, you may accidentally waste Gems by clicking a Speed Up.
  • Check Nadine's timer if she is unlocked. Plan your weekday warrior to avoid her flights in or out.
  • Consider not collecting from the Marketplace, which has a 22-hour timer. Also avoid the Library and character buildings such as Ivy's Hut, Thurston's Fort, etc. You might need it first thing tomorrow for the new event.
  • DO NOT FINISH GOALS FROM PART 3 while using your first period of unlimited energy from Goal 2.

It is quite easy to finish Part 3 goals by accident. There are always a few players who report missing their Goal 3 reward time, saying it overlapped with the Goal 2 reward time. Choose one Goal 3 requirement as your control so that you don't finish by accident. One way is to leave your third or fourth monster on your board, since Goal 3 requires 4 kills.

Better safe than sorry.

Starting Out[]

  • Energy - you will need at minimum 19 energy for Goal 1. Its' reward of 30 energy will cover Goal 2.
  • If you spawn a monster, keep it on your board if you can.
  • You want all of your stuff ready for collection before you start your unlimited energy rounds.
  • If you forgot to prep and don't need something specific, the fastest prep items are listed below.

Goal 2 Preparation[]

Goal 2 may have the longest lead time, so it is discussed first. The Buildings must be prepared in advance. Have them ready to collect!

Goal 1 Preparation[]

If you have a Rock Outcropping already started, it's great. Don't buy the other things until you are ready to start the event. None of these need charging - they are ready to go!

Weeds and rubble are sometimes found in new squares. Again, do NOT buy them from the Market (Nature-Other) in advance; this stuff can't be stored, and it's all sold mature. You don't want it lying around cluttering your kingdom for days.

Goal 3 Preparation[]

IMPORTANT: Choose a "control" so you don't finish this goal early!

  • Crops, 10. Plant everything in advance. If you have been needing to stock up more than 9, be aware that harvesting 10 will complete a Goal 3 task. So choose a different control. If you don't need any crops, 10 Corn will quickly grow in 3 minutes. Don't touch them during Goal 2 reward, so they can serve as your control.
  • Animals, 10. Charge some Cows (or whatever) in advance. Stables and Hatcheries do not count. Again, if you need to collect more than 9, don't use this as your control. Regular Cows are the quickest to prepare, charging in 10 minutes.
  • Monsters, 4. This is the least convenient task, as you have to get them to spawn. The best you can do in advance is to keep one on the board before starting. Killing monsters *during* the goal 2 unlimited energy reward is both the best and worst: you can easily spawn monsters from your activity, but fighting them is slow and wastes free time. But if you hold a monster all through that reward, you will be stuck afterward, having to use your regular energy to try to spawn more monsters to unlock goal 3.

Remember, monsters can spawn from any collection. Keeping one on the board during your collections avoids interruptions. So, keep and dispose of monsters as you wish. Definitely don't kill more than four, as it will waste your time.

List of Qualifying items[]



Town Buildings[]