Castle Story Guide Wiki

May 2020

I am no longer playing Castle Story. The wiki is still open to anyone to edit. Please contact fandom wiki admins if this wiki is broken.

If you have game content questions, active players use the Official Storm8 forums to discuss the game. The forum also posts Event Guides to learn what's going on in the latest activity. The Hub and Game Guides contain ALL of the information to play the game.

Here is the link to the forum!

Old profile

I'd been playing Castle Story on Android for a while before discovering the forum guides and The Hub. They contain pretty much everything a player needs to know, but a forum does not have the full flexibility of a website. The Search function isn't set up for it, and cross-referencing and linking is difficult.

The purpose of this wiki is to present that information in a familiar, usable format, with the added benefit of player access for adding information and making corrections.

I've posted guides for the two blossom events, and weekend warrior, to get things started before the forum topic got going. But my personal focus is on the Main Storyline - the quests that any new player can do, the items that any new player can get. Limited buildings and items have their appeal, but they can be filed by category. There are 5000+ items in the game, but only around half of those are still not Limited from an Event, and are still available in the game. I've uploaded over a thousand of these pictures; they can be found when using the "Insert Photo" option.

My favorite pages[]

I'm working on the Royal Points page. I decided to test using little images of the buildings. I'm not thrilled with it - opinions and suggestions are welcome.

Royal Decorations (walls, gates) are the things that would really be amazing with thumbnails added. Paging through the Market in game isn't convenient. The images have been uploaded and are available - just haven't gotten to it.