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The Troll Tribe Questline is a questline that was added to Castle Story in the March 20, 2014 Update. The questline was extended in the March 27, 2014 Update, April 10, 2014 Update, April 24, 2014 Update and the May 1, 2014 Update.

It is available to players who have reached Level 22 and finished the Defeat the Troll King quest. The first quest will trigger after the player defeats a Dire Boar. In part 4 of the Troll Tribe Questline, a Jousting Arena is needed - which requires the Jousting Tournament Questline.

The questline introduces players to Kaz Tzul'jin a troll who is attempting keep the troll kingdom together. The quest unlocks Swampy Ponds, Catfish, Butterfish, Catfish Soup, Baked Butterfish, Mercury Feasts, Troll Clubs, Sentry Horns, Kaz's Abode, Fish Market, Trollish Weapon Rack, Troll Vault, Troll Castle, Troll Banner and the Feral Lands Adventure.


Part 1[]

  1. A Terrible Boar
  2. Trolls Will Be Trolls
  3. Troll Alert!
  4. How To Catch A Troll
  5. Pay Back
  6. Thurston Went Feral!
  7. The Boar-dom, Not Kingdom
  8. Sweating Like A Piggie
  9. Sending A Scented Message

Part 2[]

  1. Humans Just Don't Understand
  2. In The Swamp
  3. Kaz Tzul'jin
  4. Fishin' Ain't Easy
  5. Weapon Of Choice
  6. The Red Feral Lands
  7. Don't Be So Paranoid

Part 3[]

  1. Conspiracy Theories
  2. Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
  3. I'm Good, Just Misunderstood
  4. When In Castle, Do As The Humans Do
  5. The Thing That Heroes Do
  6. Building Kaz A Home
  7. Thou Art Too Graceful!
  8. I Never See You Anymore
  9. I'm In Con-Troll!
  10. Kaz's Change Of Heart

Part 4[]

  1. Tree Sitting
  2. March Of The Dire Boars
  3. Soldiers March, Trolls...?
  4. Being Outted Isn't So Bad
  5. What Do You Know About Your Neighbor?
  6. When You Play A Game Of Thrones...
  7. Battle with Vulzal
  8. Yamike's Five
  9. There's Always That ONE Troll!
  10. Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

Part 5[]

  1. Fifth Element
  2. Ain't No Party Like A Castle Party!
  3. Unacceptable Condition
  4. One More Time
  5. I Am A King
  6. Moving On Out
  7. Night Call
  8. You Don't Have To Do This
  9. Kaz's Five
  10. But We Just Met