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The Troll King Questline kicks off the first time you collect from Thurston's Fort. The Troll Tribe Questline cannot begin until this questline is completed.

Thurston will explain that all great leaders need great weapons, and ask if you will be willing to forge Excalibam. (He explains that all great weapons need their own names, thus why it isn't called Excalibur).

This requires Forging Excalibam, but when you go to do that, it turns out that you can't. It requires Mithril. Old Thomas sends you on the Adventure: Explore Dark Caves to get some.

Thurston.png "Mithril is difficult to obtain -- but there must be a way. Why not ask Thomas for some advice? He must know a method."

Secrets of Mithril[]

OldThomas.png "The Dark Caves are a dangerous place. You will need to send your knights - and make sure they have some sort of ward against the darkness and cold."
  • Send knights to Explore Dark Caves 0/1 SEND (skip 60 gems)
  • Acquire 1 Mithril (you get this from the adventure)

NOTES: The adventure requires 1 Spicy Feast, 2 Lumin Essence, and 5000 Coins. The breakdown:

It may take more than one time to acquire 1 Mithril. After obtaining one, you are ready to go back and Forge Excalibam.

Rewards: 800 coin, 3 xp

OldThomas.png "Aha! Mithril!"

Forging Excalibam[]

Thurston.png "You cannot defeat the Troll King without it!"

Rewards: 2000 coins, 10 xp

NOTE: Excalibam is required in order to unlock the square on which The Troll King's Lair sits.

To The Troll King's Lair[]

OldThomas.png "The Troll King's Lair is to the northwest, I'm sure of it. The trolls all seem to come from that direction. It shouldn't be far."
  • Have 1800 Royal Points
  • Use 15 Wisp Lanterns 0/15 USE (skip 225 gems)
  • Spend 135000 Coins
  • Wield the legendary sword, Excalibam
  • Find the Troll King's lair 0/1 FIND

Rewards: 500 coin, 2 xp

Thurston.png "Look! There he is!"

Defeat the Troll King[]

Thurston.png "He's a powerful foe, but don't give up! He will eventually fail!"

  • Defeat the Troll King with 99 Blows! (Banish him from the Glimmer Wood!)


Thurston.png "Sweet victory!"

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