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Trade Wagon
Type Craft Building
Area 2 x 2 Spaces
Cost 1000 Coins
Level Unlocked 15
Locked by Quest No
Max Allowed 1
Drops Selected

The Trade Wagon is a crafting Building related to Monster Hunt events.

It costs 1,000 Coins in the market and comes completely built. Requires Level 15.


The Trade Wagon uses a system of tokens to trade and to purchase prizes.

Shield Tokens, Sword Tokens, and Staff Tokens are dropped by monsters during Monster Hunt events. Gold Troll Tokens are obtained by trading during the Hunt. Also see Other Sources of Tokens, below.


They can change, but are typically

  1. Bronze Hunter Trade, 3 seconds: 50 Shield Tokens
  2. Silver Hunter Trade, 3 seconds: 50 Shield Tokens, 25 Sword Tokens
  3. Gold Hunter Trade, 3 seconds: 50 Shield Tokens, 25 Sword Tokens, 25 Staff Tokens

Prizes (Can Buy Any Time)[]

WARNING: Do NOT buy during Hunt - it will lock up your wagon, making it impossible for you to exchange maxed-out tokens!!

Name Cost Notes
Cabbage Hut 70 Troll Tokens, 16 hours Use alongside Baron's Tent to get grand prizes
Cooking Camp 99 Troll Tokens, 16 hours A third Kitchen (less useful as game progresses)
Mythic Research Center 70 Troll Tokens, 16 hours Level 22. Use to make advanced animals that may provide valuable resources
Wizard's Portal 85 Troll Tokens, 20 Staff Tokens, 5 Lumin Essence, 5 hours Similar to Wizard School, it drops a dependable amount of Energy every 5 hours, starting with +4 at level 1 and increasing with upgraded. Each level requires additional gold Troll Tokens and Staff Tokens to upgrade. Limit 2.
Blue Sapphire 10 Troll Tokens Two Sapphires are then traded for the fountain below.
Princess Lorelei's Fountain 2 of the Blue Sapphires (above) Acts as a Pond except during Monster Hunts. During Hunts it will occasionally drop gold Troll Tokens>
Ruler's Locket 5 Troll Tokens No benefit from this item ("If only I knew how to open it.") It is a dead end quest, unfortunately.

Other Sources of Tokens[]

A premium item, the Beastbane Display sold in the Market for 400 Gems, drops a token every day, in or out of season. It can drop a Sword Token, a Staff Token, or rarely a gold Troll Token.

Princess Lorelei's Fountain drops gold Troll Tokens, but during the Hunt only. Its' ordinary drops are the same as Ponds.