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For the quest that first uses Trade Tickets, see Trade Tickets (Quest).
Trade Ticket
Proof of a completed trade.
Proof of a completed trade.
Vital statistics
Item Type Currency
Unlock Unknown
Max Held 99
Source Royal Exchange
Cost 10 Gems

Trade Tickets are nearly a type of currency. They are received at the end of an item trade from the Royal Exchange.

Trade Tickets can be earned from any trade that doesn't require them. Trade Tickets can be traded to purchase Expansion Permits, materials, and other items.

Trade Tickets are required to get the Royal Chateau Deed and the vital Tinker Camp.

Dropped by:

  • Actions: completing some Adventures, chopping a Rainbow Pot
  • Buildings: Level 7 Fire Fly Cove
  • Creatures:
    • Bears (including Black Bear)
    • Gingermen (including Gingerman Stack)
    • Goats (including Birthday Goat)
    • Lions (including Armored Lion, Royal Lion)
    • Unicorns (including Dark Unicorn)
    • Vampire Bats
    • Wolves (including Armored Shadow Wolf)