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Thurston's Questline unlocks Sir Thurston, a knight.

Pre-requisites & Notes:

In the beginning, Thurston is visibly shivering out in the woods, wearing only his boxer shorts. After expanding to his square, a variety of tasks will be assigned: recovering pieces of his armor, fishing his helmet out of a pond, etc. The worst part is having to pay his 25000 Coin bar tab. At the end of this Questline, you build his home, Thurston's Fort.

The next collection from his home will trigger the Troll King Questline, in which you will forge the legendary sword Excalibam.

1. A Mysterious Sneeze[]

BaronPfeffernot.png "I become unpleasant when I'm ill."
  • Find the mysterious sneezing (expand to the boy in boxer shorts!) 0/1 SEARCH (skip 5 gems)

Rewards: 1000 coin, 3 xp

BaronPfeffernot.png "There! The sneezing"

2. Just Warming Up[]

Thurston.png "Th-th-th-th-th-thanks!"
  • Build a street torch 0/1 BUY (skip 20 gems) (in the Market under Decorations, 1800 coins)
  • Sew 25 Hides into a warm, heavy blanket 0/25 SEW (skip 100 gems)
  • Feed Thurston 3 steaming helpings of Hearty Stew 0/3 FEED (skip 120 gems)
    • Kitchen, 2 hours per stew
    • 24 Carrots (8 per stew)
    • 24 Roast Chickens (8 per stew)
    • 16 Water (4 per stew)

Rewards: 1200 coin, 8 xp

Thurston.png "A thousand thanks to thee, kind stranger!"

3. Trouble with Trolls[]

Thurston.png "W-without a Magic Forge to lend your blade an edge, you'll be helpless against the Glimmer Trolls! Construct one, then return to me."

Rewards: 400 coin, 2 xp

Thurston.png "You have a Magic Forge? Very well then."

4. The Enchanted Blade[]

Thurston.png "To make an Enchanted Blade, reinforce a normal sword with silver. then, you will need to apply a magical essence, if such a thing can be found."

Rewards: 500 coin, 3 xp

Thurston.png "Is the blade ready?"

5. Thurston's Pants[]

Thurston.png "Glimmer Trolls hide very well, unless you know exactly where to look. They enjoy human riches and food. Try looking in places where people visit or dwell."
  • Find a glimmer troll 0/1 (skip 13 gems)
  • Beat up glimmer trolls until you find Thurston's pants 0/1 (skip 50 gems)

Rewards: 1000 coin, 4 xp

Thurston.png "Thurston: My pants! You've found them!"

6. Hooked[]

Thurston.png "My helmet weighs quite a lot. You won't be able to fish it out with a normal hook, but perhaps you can think up a solution to that problem, brave Knight!"

Rewards: 1200 coin, 5 xp

Thurston.png "A heavy-duty hook? It might work.."

7. Thurston's Helmet[]

Thurston.png "I'm not sure which pond those trolls threw my helmet into, but I heard the splash! It could be a Pond or a Well. Just keep casting your line until it hooks something heavy!"
  • Fish out Thurston's helmet 0/1 FISH (skip 30 gems)

Rewards: 1200 coin, 5 xp

Thurston.png "Zounds, my helmet is covered with seaweed!"

8. Thurston's Breastplate[]

Thurston.png "I have no doubt that you can forge a Breastplate to match my Leggings and Helmet. You have already proven your skills twice!"

Rewards: 1000 coin, 5 xp

Thurston.png "My Breastplate! Hand me my armor, quickly!"

9. Thurston Gets Dressed[]

Thurston.png "Rule 219 of the Knight's Codes states: "To lose thine fancy armor is to lose thine honor!" This will release me from my burden of shame!"
  • Hand Thurston his helmet 0/1 GIVE
  • Hand Thurston his breastplate 0/1 GIVE
  • Hand Thurston his leggings 0/1 GIVE

Rewards: 1000 coin, 5 xp

Thurston.png "A thousand thanks! Watch now, as I don my armor!"

10. Defeating Peril[]

Thurston.png "I shall cheer thee on, o brave champion! This land shall be clear of Skunkupines, Fangbeasts and Glimmer Trolls!"

Rewards: 5000 coin, 15 xp

Thurston.png "Victory is ours!"

11. A Liege's Trust[]

Thurston.png "(Thurston seems bothered by something, and is hesitant to talk. Maybe Old Thomas can give some advice.)"
  • Ask Thomas about Thurston 0/1 (skip 10 gems) (visit Old Thomas' house)

Rewards: 250 coin, 1 xp

OldThomas.png "Oh, hello there! I was just organizing my scrolls."

12. Drowning Sorrows[]

OldThomas.png "Well then, off you go to have a nice, friendly chat! Though I suppose if we don't have a Tavern, you will have to build one first."
  • Visit a Tavern to talk to Thurston 0/1 (Collect from a Tavern)

Rewards: 1200 coin, 6 xp

Thurston.png "..."

13. A Knight's Past[]

Thurston.png "Gadzooks! I seem to be short of coin for this food bill. Perhaps if you pay it, you could take the food in exchange? A thousand pardons, my liege!"
  • Pay Thurston's 25000 coin bar tab 0/1 PAY (skip 100 gems)

Rewards: 2 gems, 10 xp

Thurston.png "Here's the leftover food."

14. Royal Defender[]

Thurston.png "A powerful siege crossbow will allow us to outrange any assault! And of course, we'll need dozens of stout guards to man the walls! Extra stout!"
  • Construct a Ballista 0/1 BUILD (skip 200 gems)
  • Rally 60 stout knights to garrison your walls 0/60 RALLY (skip 240 gems)
    • In the quest interface, click RALLY and select your Neighbors by name to ask for help. Only 20 of them will receive your request per day, so this is going to take several days. If you select more than 20, the game will send out the extra names on subsequent days. Or you can ask specific Neighbors again the next day. Also, separately ask Stormy's Castle every day - it does not count against your limit.

Rewards: 2500 coin, 8 xp

Thurston.png "Our defenses shall never be broken!"

15. Thurston's Thirst[]

Thurston.png "I'll set to building straight away! We can mount the crossbow on the parapet, and the fearsome sight of it will ward away all enemies!"

Rewards: 2500 coin, 8 xp

Thurston.png "The tavern's root beer reserves are now nearly bottomless. Huzzah!"

16. Thurston's Fort[]

Rewards: 2000 coin, 6 xp

Thurston.png "The Fort is complete! A thousand thanks to thee!"

This completes Thurston's personal questline. The first time you collect from Thurston's Fort, it will kick off the Troll King Questline.