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The Unlucky Lady
Trigger None
Rewards 1,700 Coins, 6 Exp
Prerequisites Potion Shop Gossip
Level 27
Required Potion Shop Gossip
Quest progression
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Garden Ceremony If You Want To Be Happy...
BaronPfeffernot.png "EXCUSE ME?! NOBODY REJECTS ME! Ahem. I. Must. Not. Get. Upset. Errm! Lady Greselda, what must I do to have a powerful lady like yourself as my other half?"

The Unlucky Lady is a mission in the Greselda's Beautiful Dark Garden Questline. The Baron has indicated he is in love and Ivy has discovered who the unlucky lady is, Lady Greselda, yikes poor Greselda.


  • Follow the Baron (He's heading to Lady Greselda's Castle!)