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The Second Caravan
Trigger Complete Sugar Rush
Rewards 12500 Coins, 20 Exp
Quest progression
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Sugar Rush Hot Peppers For Ivy
OldThomas.png "Load the caravan by tapping the "Load" button on each entry. Once all contents are loaded, you will receive money in exchange for your goods!!"

As with other caravans, anything you "load" will no longer be in your inventory. It is committed to this quest and will remain as a down payment on the goal.

Quest Items[]

  • Load 20 Roast Chickens into the caravan wagon 0/20 LOAD (skip 40 gems)
  • Load 60 Tomatoes into the caravan wagon 0/60 LOAD (skip 60 gems)
  • Load 50 Sugar Cane into the caravan wagon 0/50 LOAD (skip 50 gems)
  • Load 25 Hides into the caravan wagon 0/25 LOAD (skip 50 gems)
  • Load 10 Furs into the caravan wagon 0/10 LOAD (skip 30 gems)

Rewards: 12500 coin, 20 xp