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This is the fourth and final quest series in The Search for Sabina Questline.

Preparation Minimum:

Goal 1[]

Thurston.png "We must make our way through the Wilds, and find Princess Sabina. Onwards!"

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10 xp

Thurston.png "Still no sign of her ..."

Goal 2[]

Thurston.png "The one thing that does not tire is my heart, we must find Sabina! Even if we must crawl."
  • Visit Community Kingdoms 0/20 GO (skip 180 Gems)
  • Ask Friends if they've seen Sabina 0/20 GO (skip 160 Gems)
  • Visit Sabina's House 0/1 GO (skip 6 Gems)

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10 xp, Sabina's Drawing

Thurston.png "The princess made a drawing ... of her and I."

Goal 3[]

Thurston.png "Prepare yourself, Epelus! Sir Thurston is on his way."

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10 xp

Thurston.png "We're almost there."

Goal 4[]

Thurston.png "I have defeated many Monsters in my time. We will have no problem defeating Epelus!"

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10 xp

Sabina.png "Sir Thurston? Ruler? Is that really you?!"

Goal 5[]

EpelusText.png "This little lady is mine now! There's no way I'll let you leave this place with her."
  • Defeat Epelus 0/1 GO - takes 150 hits
  • Retrieve the Shackles Key 0/1 GO (skip 170 Gems)
  • Free Sabina 0/1 GIVE (skip 10 Gems)

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp, unlock Epelus in Town Square

Sabina.png "You saved me!"

This Is Just The Beginning[]

Thurston.png "We've done it, my liege! Now time to return home and enjoy a root beer."
  • Let's go home 0/1 GO
Thurston.png "What adventure shall we go on next, Princess?"

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