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This is the third quest series in The Search for Sabina Questline.

Preparation Minimum:

You must have 3300 Royal Points to complete all of the goals.

Goal 1[]

OldThomas.png "Hello, Young Ruler. No, I haven't seen Sir Thurston about. What is the matter?"

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10 xp

Thurston.png "My princess needs me? Fear not! I shall save her at once."

Goal 2[]

Thurston.png "Not to worry, Princess -- Sir Thurston is on the way!"

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10 xp

Thurston.png "Do you see any sign of her?"

Goal 3[]

EpelusText.png "I haven't seen your friend since her nap. I suppose I could help you look."
  • Clear a Grand Rooted Lilium 0/1 GO (skip 40 Gems)
  • Defeat Wisps 0/1 GO (skip 20 Gems)
  • Search for Clues (Fight Wisps!) 0/1 GO (skip 30 Gems) - may have to fight more than one Wisp to get the Pink Fabric drop

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10 xp

Thurston.png "This fabric is from Sabina's gown."

Goal 4[]

Thurston.png "Look for any clues that might lead us to our princess. She needs our help."

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10 xp

Thurston.png "A kidnap letter?!"

Goal 5[]

OldThomas.png "Oh dear, our very own princess has been kidnapped you say?"

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp, Letter for Gupil the Great

OldThomas.png "I believe I can help."

Goal 6[]

OldThomas.png "Travel to the Hidden Outpost, there you will find my old friend, Gupil the Great."

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10 xp

Gupil the Great: "A letter, for me?"

Goal 7[]

Gupil the Great: "Please come inside. I will help you with your plan."

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp

Gupil the Great: "Did you hear that noise?"

Goal 8[]

Thurston.png "Out of my way you wretched beast! Nothing will stand in the way of us saving our princess!"

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp, 1 Explorer's Permit

Thurston.png "It looks as if he dropped something."

Goal 9[]

Thurston.png "It seems we will need a few of these permits. Let's get started!"

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp

Thurston.png "Sabina, we're coming!"

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