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This is the second quest series in The Search for Sabina Questline.

Preparation Minimum:

Goal 1[]

Thurston.png "My liege, I am not so sure about this strange man. Perhaps we should return home."
  • Enter the Cavern 0/1 GO (skip 3 Gems) - collect from the Cavern of Wilds. Collection time is 4 hours.

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp (Enchanted Lantern unlocked)

Thurston.png "OK Princess, you've had your fun. It's time to go home."

Goal 2[]

EpelusText.png "If you want to explore the Wilds, you'll need some special equipment."

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp

EpelusText.png "Ready to go?"

Goal 3[]

Thurston.png "Worry not about me, *hic* my liege. My heart is made of steel!"

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp

Thurston.png "Do you *hic* think my princess shall return? *hic*"

Goal 4[]

Thurston.png "Come by my fort, I have something I need you to deliver."

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp, Thurston's Letter

Thurston.png "Please let Sabina know she has my blessing."

Goal 5[]

EpelusText.png "Right this way -- through the Wilds we go! Watch your step."

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp

EpelusText.png "Ah, here we are!"

[Thurston's Letter says: Dear Sabina, Best of luck on all of your adventures, may you find what you seek. I will be here waiting for you when you return. Yours truly, Thurston.]

Goal 6[]

Sabina.png "I wonder if they taste like Strawberries! Let's pick some and find out."

Rewards: 100 Coins, 10xp

Sabina.png " tummy feels a little funny..."

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