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The Legend Of Princess Faire
Trigger None
Rewards 100 Coins, 3 Exp
Level 25+
Quest progression
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Contrite Knight Sabina's Tale, Part 1
OldThomas.png "Here, take this scroll with you. Read it when you have time"

The Legend Of Princess Faire is the eighth quest in the Princess Sabina Faire Questline. It is also the name of a legend about Sabina.


  • Take "The Legend Of Princess Faire" Scroll (Thomas has lent you the scroll.)
    • Tap "Take"


The Legend[]

Part 1[]

Now hear the tale of Princess Faire, whose sisters loss her father grieved,
And swore that to the afterlife his other daughter wouldn't leave.
He built a magic tower stout in stone and spire and winding stair,
And at the apex did he seal for all her years the Princess Faire.

There she stayed with living dolls and talking books that read themselves,
As feasts of cake and strawberries were served to her by hidden elves,
And though she wished for someone else with whom these blessings could be shared,
Each new day stretched into the next without a friend for Princess Faire.

Part 2[]

And so the weeks turned into years, each passing day just like the last,
Throughout the tower she explored, and everywhere her gaze was cast
No door, no lock, no key - there lay no passage from her fathers lair,
And so behind the unforgiving stone remained the Princess Faire.

Her bedroom was atop the spire, a single window peering down,
Her eyes judged keenly, as she groomed, the fatal distance to the ground,
She saw with rope it could be done, and conjured that she d grow her hair,
And so were filled with azure skies the eager dreams of Princess Faire

Part 3[]

When her locks had reached a length of head to toe and back again,
She laid a foot upon the sill and faced into the restless wind,
But then the stillness was undone by echoes in the tower lair,
Her father's voice throughout the halls: You shall not leave here, Princess Faire.

A father's gift, her strands of gold - remembrance of her sibling gone,
Peerless but for one device upon which evenings gleaming shone:
A wizard's firm and grasping hand clutched round a Magic Scissor there,
And so she leapt into the night. Made free at last, the Princess Faire.