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The Builder's Caravan
Trigger Complete The Nature Caravan
Rewards 19,000 Coins, 35 Exp
Quest progression
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The Nature Caravan The Cooking Caravan
OldThomas.png "Load the caravan by tapping the "Load" button on each entry. Once all contents are loaded, you will receive money in exchange for your goods!"

As with other caravans, anything you "load" will no longer be in your inventory. It is committed to this quest and will remain as a down payment on the goal.

Quest Items[]

  • Load 10 Fancy Beams Into the Caravan Wagon (Sturdy and stylish!)
  • Load 10 Fancy Blocks Into the Caravan Wagon (Perfect for foundations!)
  • Load 10 Simple Glue Into the Caravan Wagon (This will hold it all together.)
  • Load 10 Builder's Hammers Into the Caravan Wagon (You can make these at the Workshop.)
  • Provide 20 Motivational Minstrels (to encourage lazy kingdoms)

Simple Glue can be made at the Potion Shop, and the button to "Hire" the minstrels will allow you to Request help from your neighbors.