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The Team Azalea or Team Lila? Questline is a questline that was added to Castle Story in the June 12, 2014 Update.

Complete Knock On Wood (last quest of the Blythewood Sapling Questline) and But We Just Met (last quest of the Troll Tribe Questline) to trigger Team Azalea/Lila goals.

This questline introduces a new style of gameplay as well as some new decorations, the Faerie Flowerbed and Rose Arch.

This questline deviates after the fourth quest when the player chooses either Lila or Azalea to support. The choice of Faerie is done by the Greenhouse recipe, not by the selection in the Quest log.

The materials required and items produced are the same - only the dialogue is different.


  1. Ivinea's Request
  2. Lila's Request
  3. Azalea's Request
  4. Which Team Are You On?


  1. Team Azalea, Part 1
  2. Team Azalea, Part 2
  3. Team Azalea, Part 3
  4. Surprise, Azalea!


  1. Team Lila, Part 1
  2. Team Lila, Part 2
  3. Team Lila, Part 3
  4. Lila's Master Plan