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The Talinum Auranticum is a tendable flower that drops Orange Petals. It can be found at random after an Expansion or purchased from the market for 300 Coins.

Talinum Aranticum can be tended every 5 minutes. They can be sold for 60 Coins and there is no limit on the number that can be stored.

Storable: Yes

Card text: Tend to earn Crafting Materials.

Inventory Tab: Decoration

Type: Flower

Size: 1x1

Source: Purchase

Cost: 300 Coins

Requirements: Level 6

Used for: can be fused in the Arboretum to make a shrub or Flower Garden.

Drops: Orange Petal (always), Spellbound Dew

Collection: 5 minutes

Collection Speed-up: 1 Gem