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The Tablet of Tabernum Questline is a questline that was added to Castle Story in the October 11, 2012 Update. The questline unlocks the Tablet of Tabernum and Tabernum Research quests.


  1. The Tablet Found
  2. A Translator's Tome

Crafting the Translator's Tome

  1. Magic Ink & Pages
  2. Lost In Translation
  3. Making The Tome

Tabernum Research

The Tabernum Research quests are available after the main questline is completed and are triggered by the Tablet of Tabernum dropping Tabernum Shards.


  1. Tabernum Research: Aquifers
  2. Tabernum Research: Anatomy
  3. Tabernum Research: Alchemy
  4. Tabernum Research: Agriculture