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The Tablet of Tabernum Questline is a questline that was added to Castle Story in the October 11, 2012 Update. The questline unlocks the Tablet of Tabernum and Tabernum Research quests.


  1. The Tablet Found
  2. A Translator's Tome

Crafting the Translator's Tome[]

  1. Magic Ink & Pages
  2. Lost In The Translation
  3. Making The Tome

Tabernum Research[]

The Tabernum Research quests are available after the main questline is completed and are triggered by the Tablet of Tabernum dropping Knowledge Shards.


  1. Tabernum Research: Aquifers
  2. Tabernum Research: Anatomy
  3. Tabernum Research: Alchemy
  4. Tabernum Research: Agriculture