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Tabernum Research: Aquifers
Trigger Knowledge Shard
Rewards 10 Exp
Level Unknown
Quest progression
Tabernum Research: Anatomy
Tablet of Tabernum: "Completing this research project will increase Water gained from Ponds and Wells by 100%, and increase chance to find Fish and Mermaid Scales. It may also have other secret effects."

Tabernum Research: Agriculture is a Tabernum Research quest. It is triggered by a Knowledge Shard dropping from the Tablet of Tabernum and permanently increases the number of water dropped from Rustic Wells and Ponds.

You find a shard that comes off the Tabernum, with more writing on it. It looks like the Tabernum has more knowledge to share with you.


  • Pay 35000 Coins for Research
  • Use 150 Stone for Research
  • Use 150 Wood for Research