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Tabernum Research: Alchemy
Trigger Knowledge Shard
Rewards 50 Exp
Level Unknown
Quest progression
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Tabernum Research: Anatomy Tabernum Research: Agriculture
Tablet of Tabernum: "Completing this research project will add new transmutation recipes to the Magic Forge."

Tabernum Research: Alchemy is a Tabernum Research quest. It is triggered by a Knowledge Shard dropping from the Tablet of Tabernum. This quest adds new crafting recipes to the Magic Forge.



Crafting Recipes[]

Name Ingredients Time Result
Alchemy: Coal to Jewels 10 Coal 1:00 1 Jewels
Alchemy: Iron to Silver 10 Iron Ore 1:00 1 Silver Ore
Alchemy: Silver to Mithril 50 Silver Ore 2:00:00 1 Mithril