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Sugar is made from 5 Sugar Cane in the Kitchen. It takes 15 minutes to create.


Sugar is used in all kinds of recipes, in quests, as a building material, and in the Royal Exchange trade, the "Fruit Trade".

Collection Sources[]

  • Actions: from crafting in the Kitchen, as a random drop at the Royal Exchange from the trade "Eggs & Dairy Exchange", random drop from Rainbow Pots
  • Buildings/Decorations: Barrister's Bakery, Candy Haul, Harvest Pergola, Horse Carriage, Kissing Booth, Pergola, Tunnel of Love
  • Creatures:
    • Grateful Alpaca
    • Alicorns (including Alicolt, Witch Alicolt)
    • Horses (including Black Horse, Donkey, Faerie Horse, Flower Power Horse, Giles, Gingerbread Steed, Jousting Steed, Judgment Gray, Lucky Clydesdale, New Year's Horse, Pfefferknot Pony, Reindeer Horse, Royal Horse, Sir Daisy, Sleigh Bell Steed, Spring Clydesdale, Spring Steed, Vineyard Horse, White Horse)
    • Pigs (including Sir Hamlet, Sir Pigglesworth)
    • Satyrs (including Aanpa the Satyr, Ostara the Satyr)
    • Unicorns (including Armored Dark Unicorn, Dark Unicorn)
    • Wolves (including Armored Shadow Wolf)