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This extremely useful building is inert: it does not respond to clicks. Its' sole purpose is to allow you unclutter your kingdom display by storing buildings, decorations, animals, farm plots, etc.

  • Size: 2x2
  • Cost: ?
  • Materials: ?
  • Collection: None

All stored items go into your inventory. Ironically, this can also be a clutter inconvenience when paging through it.

How To Use[]

To store, use the Edit mode. Select the item and click on the "treasure chest" with the green arrow circle displayed to its' left. If the chest is faded out, the item is not eligible to be stored (see below).

When you wish to return an object to your map, simply click it in your inventory, and the Edit interface will allow you to place it. If you have multiples of the same item, such as cows, the Edit interface may continue offering placements until you hit cancel or run out of the same item.


Note that any collectible product (such as milk) is lost when the item is put into storage. Any progress on the timer is reset to zero. The timer will not progress while in storage. And any Royal Points for the item will not count towards your kingdom total while it is in storage.

Not Eligible[]

Natural items[]

Unfortunately, items that are found naturally on the expanding map (Trees, Small Rock Pile, Rock Outcropping, Patch of Tall Grass, Fern Patch, etc.) cannot be stored.

Map Features[]

Traditional major map features cannot be stored:


These new map features are storable: