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A Skunkupine
A Skunkupine
Spawns From Wheat, Corn, Tomato, Pepe le Skunkupine, Sugar Cane, Fellora Blossoms, Skunkupine Trap
Drops Fur, Rat Tail, Creep Tooth
Physical attributes
Health 3
Status Attacking
Fouling Area 5 x 5 Squares

Spawns: Flowers, Corn, Wheat, Tomato, Sugar Cane, Fellora Plant, Pepe le Skunkupine, some Trees, Plants, Skunkupine Trap (5 Gems). Limited sources: Fire Fox, Teacup Poodle, Shi Tzu

NOTE: DURING ANY SPECIAL EVENT, ONE SPECIFIC EVENT ACTIVITY WILL ALSO SPAWN THE REQUIRED MONSTER. However, per forum comments, the spawn rate "feels" low to some people. Advice: don't park a Monster and plan to get the skunkupine later. Allow it to appear during normal event activity.

Drops: Fur, a Rat Tail and/or a Creep Tooth. They will also drop a maximum of 3 Energy.


Skunkupines are the first Monsters encountered in Castle Story. The first Skunkupine to appear will trigger the Beat Up The Skunkupine! quest. During that quest, the player will make a Homemade Sword using 5 Wood.

Like other monsters, the skunkupine cannot hurt you. It simply deactivates an area of 5x5 squares around it. Nothing in those squares can be accessed until the skunkupine is defeated.

With 3 Health, Skunkupines take between 2 and 3 hits to defeat.