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Sir Pigglesworth is the reward from the initial quest on this page, "Sir Pigglesworth."

(The Sir Pigglesworth's Worth quest was a temporary event in 2015, in which Sir Hamlet was a reward.)

The Pigglesworth/Baron's Birthday questline begins when you collect a Prime Cut from a cow.

Sir Pigglesworth[]

Sir Pigglesworth[]

The player must give the Baron one of each of the following:

Note that Crab Apple Trees do NOT drop golden apples. It is theoretically possible to obtain a golden item as an extremely rare drop, from Adventures or other random rewards. But the two sure sources are as stated above:

Reward: 1,000 Coins and 1 xp.

A New Home[]

  • Place Sir Pigglesworth in your kingdom - click and the edit mode will have him ready to be placed
  • Feed Sir Pigglesworth six times

Reward: 25 coins, 1 xp

Sir Pigglesworth feeds once an hour. It takes 6 feedings for him to grow into an adult. When fed as an adult, Sir Pigglesworth will drop random items, including but not limited to: Truffles, Bacon, buckets of Water, Lemons, Oranges, Jewels, Royal Beams, Longswords, Breaded Fish, and Gems.

Sir Pigglesworth Says Hello[]

  • Feed 50 Strawberries to Sir Pigglesworth
  • Pet Sir Pigglesworth

Rewards: 100 coins, 1 xp, 1 wisp lantern

The Baron[]

(The Baron quests have been moved to the Baron character's page.)