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Sharing Is Caring
Trigger None
Rewards 370 Coins, 3 Exp
Prerequisites Lady Greselda
Level 30
Required 100,000 Coins
Quest progression
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Glam Golem Lady Forgive And Forget
Thurston.png "Ah yes, our Ruler truly is the best. There is power in forgiveness."

Sharing is Caring is a mission in the Lady Greselda Questline. To gain forgiveness after yet another reminder of her takeover of the kingdom, Greselda wants to fix things.


  • Upgrade the Theater to Lv.5 (It'll look better than before!)
  • Upgrade the Jeweler to Lv.5 (Let's remodel our Jeweler)
  • Upgrade the Conservatory to Lv.5 (Let's fix up our Conservatory)
  • Donate 100,000 Coins
    • Tap to Donate

Reward: 370 Coins, 3 Exp