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Sabina's Tale, Part 3
Trigger None
Rewards 5 Gems, 5 Exp
Level 25+
Quest progression
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Fate Of A Princess The Magic Scissors
OldThomas.png "Quite a tale, isn't it?"

Sabina's Tale, Part 3 is the sixteenth quest in the Princess Sabina Faire Questline.


  • Ask Thomas About The "Magic Scissor" (It could be the key...)
    • Tap "Ask"


Sabina's Tale, Part 3[]

When her locks had reached a length of head to toe and back again,
She laid a foot upon the sill and faced into the restless wind,
But then the stillness was undone by echoes in the tower lair,
Her father's voice throughout the halls: You shall not leave here, Princess Faire.

A father's gift, her strands of gold - remembrance of her sibling gone,
Peerless but for one device upon which evenings gleaming shone:
A wizard's firm and grasping hand clutched round a Magic Scissor there,
And so she leapt into the night. Made free at last, the Princess Faire.