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Sabina's Tale, Part 1
Trigger None
Rewards 5 Gems, 5 Exp
Level 25+
Quest progression
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The Legend Of Princess Faire Cutting It Close
OldThomas.png "That's just the first section. I have the rest of it here somewhere. I'll try to track it down."

Sabina's Tale, Part 1 is the ninth quest in the Princess Sabina Faire Questline.


  • Give The Scroll Back to Thomas
    • Tap "Give"


The Tale, Part 1[]

Now hear the tale of Princess Faire, whose sisters loss her father grieved,
And swore that to the afterlife his other daughter wouldn't leave.
He built a magic tower stout in stone and spire and winding stair,
And at the apex did he seal for all her years the Princess Faire.

There she stayed with living dolls and talking books that read themselves,
As feasts of cake and strawberries were served to her by hidden elves,
And though she wished for someone else with whom these blessings could be shared,
Each new day stretched into the next without a friend for Princess Faire.