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Royal Exchange
The Royal Exchange Building
The Royal Exchange Building
Type Crafting Building
Area 3 x 3 Spaces
Cost 14000
Level Unlocked 12
Locked by Quest No
Max Allowed 1
Drops various

The Royal Exchange is a craft building. It costs 14,000 Coins at the market. It requires  4 Fancy Beams, 4 Fancy Blocks, 2 Super Glue to build.

It is available after reaching level twelve and buying it launches the Royal Exchange Questline. Each trade earns a Trade Ticket. Ten or more Trade Tickets can be used to trade for other things, such as the Royal Chateau Deed and the Tinker Camp.

WIKI NOTE: Players recommend going for the vital Tinker Camp right away. Postponing the Royal Chateau Deed will not affect early gameplay.

Note that energy rewards are irrelevant, since more energy is expended on the ingredients. The important thing is getting Trade Tickets.


Name Ingredients Time
Result Level Unlocked
Fruit Trade 25 Strawberries
5 Sugar
1:00 5 Energy 12. Ends when
Glimmerbulb is collected!
Rare Fruit Trade 40 Strawberries
25 Glimmerbulbs
3 Sugar
2:00 10 Energy After collecting a Glimmerbulb.
Ends when Magic Fruit is collected.
Magic Fruit Trade 60 Strawberries
40 Glimmerbulbs
6 Magic Fruit
4:00 15 Energy After collecting a Magic Fruit
Eggs & Dairy Exchange 40 Milk
25 Eggs
2:00 Random drop of craftable food items:
Grits, Bread, Noodles, etc. May drop feasts.
Meat Delivery 25 Roast Chicken
25 Bacon
25 Fish
2:00 10 Energy 12
Trapper Trade 30 Hide
15 Wool
15 Fur
4:00 "Receive Fancy building supplies":
Fancy Beams, Fancy Blocks,
Sap, Iron Ore
Elite Trapper Trade 20 (white feather? "from Gems")
15 Boar Pelts, 15 Manticore Whiskers
5:00 "Receive building supplies":
(beams, blocks)
Monster Hunter Trade 20 Creep Tooth
20 Bones
3:00 10,000 Coins 12. Ends when
Troll Horn is collected.
Troll Hunter Trade 20 Troll Horn
20 Creep Tooth
20 Bones
6:00 25,000 Coins After collecting a
Troll Horn
Naga Hunter Trade 4 Shell Armor
20 Naga Fins
8:00 40,000 Coins ?
Trade with Belladonna 15 Living Wood
30 Mushrooms
15 Rat Tail
5:00 "Receive a bag of shiny baubles", Belladonna's Inscription if applicable (*) 12. Unlock with 20000 Coins in
Ivy's Sister side quest of Royal Exchange Questline. The
shiny baubles have no current
purpose (*) - the trade is a way
to get a Trade Ticket.
Jeweler's Trade 40 Water
30 Glimmerdust
30 Jewels
3:00 "Receive ores and minerals": random items including:
Mithril, Adamant, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Jewels,
Coal, Earth Wisps, or Wisp Lanterns (*)
Delicious Trade 2 Apple Pie
2 Orange Cobbler
2 Lemonade
8:00 1 Gem 12. Unlock with 20000 Coins in
Ship Out The Goodies! side quest of Royal Exchange Questline
Golden Trade 3 Golden Nugget
2 Golden Egg
1 Golden Apple
10:00 5 Gems 12
Trade the Fruit Farmers 50 Mushrooms
25 Truffle
5 Magic Fruit
2:00 Fruit 25, requires
Fruit Crate Trade Questline
Royal Supply Crate 10 Trade Tickets 1:00 "Receive Royal building supplies" 14
Enchanted Supply Crate 20 Trade Tickets 2:00 "Receive Enchanted building supplies" 19
Ornate Supply Crate 30 Trade Tickets 3:00 "Receive Ornate building supplies" 25
Trade with the Faeries 12 Candy Bonbons
12 Teacakes
6 Jewelled Hairpins
8:00 "Receive Faerie building supplies" 35. Best Frienemies quest from
Faerie Construction Questline
Expansion Permit 30 Trade Tickets 4:00 1 Expansion Permit 12

(*) - need confirmation

Special & Quest Trades[]

Name Ingredients Time Result Quest
Royal Chateau Deed 50 Trade Tickets 8:00 1 Royal Chateau Deed Royal Proof
Open Tinker Camp 99 Trade Tickets 16:00 1 Tinker Camp
Send Letter To
4 Pages
5 Mythic Essence
3:00:00 1 Blythewood Sapling Dear Agnes Part 2
Mail Agnes the Materials 3 Letter to Agnes
2 Adamant
1 Enchanted Silver Bar
2:00:00 1 Life Tree Trinket Four Trinkets Of Blessing,
Any New News?, Faerie Rich History, History Revealed
Send Belladonna Plants 10 Glimmer Trap Plants
6 Glimmer Pitcher Plants
1 Glimmer Rafflesia
5:00 1 Belladonna's Inscription
Random Drop (*) of: Manticore Whisker, Vital Extract,
Boar Tusks, Pile of Seeds,
Rat Tails, Floral Glow, Faerie Jar,
Dragon Scales, Golden Apple, Feral Magic, Troll Horns (*)
Gifts For Bella, Wish You Were Here, Sister, Sister, A Little Persuasion
Send Belladonna Skunku-Pies 6 Skunku-Pies 6:00 (limited to quest)
20 Gems
The Infamy of Skunku-pies

Expired Holiday Trades[]

Name Ingredients Time Result Quest
Trade With Stable Master 1 Lumin Essence
3 Enchanter's Essence
6 Troll Essence
12:00 Random Drop of Polarian Planks Don't Sleigh Me
Trade With Stable Master 10 Living Wood
30 Glimmerdust
50 Mushrooms
12:00 Random Drop of Forever Snow Let It Snow
Trade With Stable Master 5 Magic Fruit
30 Glimmerbulbs
20 Truffle
12:00 Random Drop of Polarian Lichen My Deer Friend
Trade With Stable Master 2 Spicy Feasts
2 Hearty Feast
99,999 Coins
12:00 1 Reindeer Horn-ament