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Rose Arch
Type Arch
Area 2 x 1 Spaces
Source Market
Level Unlocked Unknown
Locked by Quest Team Azalea, Part 3

Team Lila, Part 3

Tendable No

Rose Arch is a Decoration that was added to the game in the June 12, 2014 Update. One may be crafted during the Team Azalea, Part 3 or Team Lila, Part 3 quests.

The Rose Arch is also a premium Decoration that can be bought for 20 Gems from the Market under the Walls tab. It has 3 Royal Points.


Crafting Building Ingredients Time Unlocked
Greenhouse 99 Red Petals, 60 Pile of Seeds, 40 Water 8:00 Team Azalea, Part 2
Team Lila, Part 2