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Rich Windbag Caravan
Trigger Complete The Baro-van
Rewards 20 Gems, 75 Exp
Quest progression
The Baro-van
BaronPfeffernot.png "You wouldn't want to offend your future king by not sending the caravan, would you? I have ways of making life very difficult for people, if I so choose."

This is the last quest in the Caravans and Crops Questline.

Quest Items[]

  • Load 40,000 gold Coins into the caravan wagon 0/1 LOAD (skip 30 gems)
  • Load 50 Bones into the caravan wagon 0/50 LOAD (skip 80 gems)
  • Load 60 Jewels into the caravan wagon 0/60 LOAD (skip 80 gems)
  • Load 75 Silver Ore into the caravan wagon 0/75 LOAD (skip 50 gems)
  • Load 150 Carrots into the caravan wagon 0/150 LOAD (skip 80 gems)

Rewards: 20 Gems, 75 xp