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The Rat Tail is dropped at random by monsters upon defeat: Skunkupines, Fangbeasts, and even Glimmer Trolls.

Uses: various, for example: ingredient of Ivy's Hot Sauce, ingredient of Super Yummy Pie, used for second Tabernum Research: Anatomy shard, other quests.

Other Collection Sources[]

  • Actions: upon defeating Skunkupines, Fangbeasts, and various event specific monster, trade with Belladonna at the Royal Exchange, as a mini prize at the Baron's Game Tent
  • Buildings: Pepe's house, Ivy's Hut
  • Creatures:
    • Bears (including Arctic Bear, Frizzly Bear)
    • Cats (including Black Tiger Kitten, Celestine Cat, Cupid Kitty, Lion Cub, Swamp Kitty, Tiger Kitten, White Tiger Kitten)
    • Dogs (including Boston Terrier, Bunny Puppy, Corgi, Cupid Puppy, Flower Puppy, Rainbow Poodle, Shi Tzu, Tea Cup Poodle)
    • Flygers (including Armored Flyger, White Flyger)
    • Foxes (including Arctic Fox, Fire Fox, Fox Pup)
    • Griffins (including Faerie Griffin, Fireworks Griffin, Griffina, Royal Griffin)
    • Lion
    • Mantiworts (including Baby Mantiwort, Queen Mantiwort)
    • Pandas
    • Penguins
    • Raccoons (including Autumn Raccoon)
    • Skunkupines (including Elf Skunkupine, Ghost Skunkupea, Lovecupines, Pepe Jr, Pepe le Skunkupine, Skunkumouse, Skunkupea, Werepea)
    • Tuftkins (including Shattered Tuftkin, Scorched Tuftkin)
    • Wolves (including Dark Wolf, Direwolf, Wolf Pup)

Limited (expired) Sources: Destrier, Rouncey, Level 10 Colosseum, Monster Stable, Wily Werebeast, Glen the Frog Prince, Wereskunk, Lair of Beasts