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Questlines are groups of related quests with a common theme.

A Quest can be triggered by gaining a level), by an action, etc. Each quest will have a number of actions to undertake and will reward you with items, usually Coins and Experience Points.

Some questlines are independent, but sometimes a questline can't start until you have finished a preceding questline. These dependencies are shown indented in the sample list of questlines below. For example, Princess Sabina is required before many other questlines can begin.

It is not required to continue onward through each dependent quest. Some quests are marked expensive - 500,000 Coins or more! - and can be delayed or skipped entirely.

A thorough list of main story questlines is posted in the official forum at

New Players[]

Main Storyline[]

Ivy the Potion Lady Questline - Level 7

Thurston Questline - Level 15

Princess Sabina Faire Questline Level 25

(Blythewood dependence continues:)

Magic Garden Questline Level 12

Royal Exchange Questline - Level 12, buy Royal Exchange building

Tablet of Tabernum Questline Level 12

Faerie Respite Questline - Level 27, unlocked Sabina and Thurston

Eligibility by Level[]

In this section,

  • --

indicates Quest lines that are not required to advance. Rewards may or may not enhance game play. They will stay on the Kingdom Goal list until completed.

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3 Old Thomas Introduction Questline

7 Ivy the Potion Lady Questline

12 Magic Garden Questline (postpone this)

12 Tablet of Tabernum Questline

  • optional Research Quests (Tabernum) (good benefits)

12 Royal Exchange Questline

15 Thurston Questline Part 1 - goals #1 - #10

15 Monster Hunt (Trade Wagon)

22+ Troll Tribe Questline Part 1 - beginning of 5 part series

23 Troll Tribes Part 2

23 Jousting Tournament Questline

  • optional 2nd Anniversary (Jousting) Pt.1 & Pt.2

24 Cocoa Crop Quests

24 Troll Tribes Parts 3 and 4

Lv 25 Jousting Arena Renovations Questline (expensive)

  • optional Lv.25 Baron's Breakfast of Champions (expensive)

Lv.25 Princess Sabina Faire Questline Part 1- goals 1 - 10

Lv.25 Good Ol' Glimmermouth

Lv.26 Troll Tribes Part 5

Lv.27 Dragon Egg Questline

Lv.27 The Glimmergate Part 1 of 3-part series

Lv.27+ Faerie Respite Questline - Faeries Part 1 of 6-part series

Lv.28 The Glimmergate Part 2 of 3

Lv.29 The Glimmergate Part 3 of 3

Lv.29 Adamant Alchemy Questline

Lv.29 Lady Greselda Questline

Lv.30 Greselda's Dark Garden aka Royal Maze Garden Questline

Lv.30+ Blythewood Sapling Questline Part 1 of 3-part series

Lv.30 Elven Outpost Questline

Lv.31 Belladonna Questline

Lv.31 Lessons For Ivy Questline

Lv.31 Fellora Blossoms Part 1

Lv.31 Blythewood Part 2 of 6

Lv.32 Blythewood Part 3 of 6

Lv.33 Team Azalea or Team Lila Questline - Faeries Part 2

Lv.33 Mad Tea Party Questline - Faeries Part 3

Lv.34 Plume Hive Questline - Faeries Part 4

Lv.34 Fellora Blossoms Part 2

Lv.35 Faerie Workshop - Faerie Construction Questline - Faeries Part 5

Lv.36 The Faerie Bridge - Faeries Part 6

Lv.37 Kaz Returns

Lv.38 Troll Sparring Pit

  • optional Lv.40 Big News