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Plant and harvest crops using this farm Plot
Plant and harvest crops using this farm Plot
Type Nature Item
Area 1 x 1 Spaces
Level Unlocked 1
Locked by Quest No
Max Allowed Increases by player level
Drops When harvesting, Energy, Coins, Crops

The Plot is a special item. Tapping the plot allows you to plant crops. Plot numbers are restricted by Level. At level 1, 10 plots are allowed. This quickly advances by 5 each level up to 4, which allows 25 plots. After that, there is a slow, consistent increase of 1 plot per level.

When harvesting from a plot, an Energy is a random drop. A plot costs 100 Coins and has no resale value. Each crop costs a different amount of Coins to plant, and earns more when harvested.

A quick way to empty an undesired crop (completely losing the money spent) is to put it in storage. When brought back out, it is clear and ready to plant.