The Old Thomas Introduction Questline is the first story questline in the game. It introduces the character of Old Thomas who has been cursed. The questline is opened when the player reaches level 3.

This questline unlocks Old Thomas, Wisp Lantern crafting and Old Thomas's House.


  1. Search The Forest
  2. A Cursed Scholar
  3. Book Bound
  4. The Cover
  5. The Lost Pages
  6. The Book Of Spells
  7. The Royal Scholar
  8. Finding Earth Wisps
  9. Help With Earth Wisps
  10. Shedding Light
  11. The Royal Tower
  12. A View To The North
  13. The Scholar's Library
  14. Of Tablets And Telescopes
  15. Magnifying Matrix
  16. A House For Old Thomas
  17. The Strawberry Scholar

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