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The Mystic Tent is considered a Crafting Building.

Forum analysis has determined that a HUGE amount of energy (hundreds) goes into Maya's fortune system, with very little return. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Unlock by buying Maya for Crowns in the Town Square.

Size: 2 x 2

limit of 1

Cannot be sold

Cost and Building Materials:

Each craft takes 2 hours.

Craft Requirements Drops
Draw Your Card

1 Blue Mystic Card (from Alcina),
1 Red Mystic Card (from Crystal Ball),
and 1 Purple Mystic Card (from Pond of Sight),

random drop of 1 Worker Card,
or 1 Wizard Card,
or 1 Warrior Card
or 1 Ruler Card.

This craft must be repeated until you have 3 of a kind.
Interpret the Ruler 3 Ruler Cards Has included 5, 8, 12 or 15 energy. May include Gems.
Interpret the Knight 3 Knight Cards 3 items, 1-6 of each. Has included: Manticore Whisker, Troll Horn, Bone, Creep Tooth, Fur, Troll Essence, Longsword, Light Armor, Hearty Feast.
May include Spicy Feast, Sweet Feast, Boar Pelt
Interpret the Wizard 3 Wizard Cards 3 items, 1-3 of each. Has included: Silver Ore, Magic Fruit, Mushrooms, Glimmerdust, Living Wood, Enchanter's Essence, Lumin Essence.
May include: Spellbound Dew, Faerie Jar, Wisp Lantern, Jewels, Energy, Skunkupine(?)
Interpret the Worker 3 Worker Cards 3 construction materials, 1-3 of each. May include: Simple Glue, Super Glue, Builder's Paste, Fancy Beam, Fancy Block, Royal Beam, Royal Block, Enchanted Beam, Enchanted Block. Has included: Simple Glue, Super Glue, Fancy Beam, Fancy Block, Royal Beam, Royal Block, Enchanted Beam, Enchanted Block.
May include: Builder's Paste, Spellbound Beam, Spellbound Block, Expansion Permit