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The AMAZING Castle Story Interactive Map is hosted at This is an INCREDIBLE resource and everyone will enjoy it. It also works on mobile devices.

(Also see Other Useful Items Offered below.)

Scroll the interactive map to the right to see more of it. Turn on various click buttons to see the grid and click a square to see all the requirements: Coins, quantity and type of Lanterns, quantity and type of Permits, Royal Points, and any other special needs!!

This amazing interactive map is an ongoing project by trusted and widely-known forum user Shibuya Cloth.

Other Useful Items Offered[]

In addition to the interactive map, a fixed image reference showing Sabina, Ivy, important map features and coordinates is offered: An intricate fixed-image chart listing of resources for all squares, usable when paired with the reference image, is

Downloadable Excel and Powerpoint files are also offered, which can be useful for tracking your own personal progress.

The website's "Nuggets" are pdf files of useful advice for the game.

ShibuyaCloth's entire Tome of Knowledge website is designed for use on a desktop computer, but can be used on mobile devices. The map is not resource intensive, but if you decide to use other pages on the site be sure to TURN ON your WIFI: it has MASSIVE pages listing every single item in the game and details about each (drops, sources, materials, cost, etc.) It includes limited-event items that are no longer available outside of random Storm8 official gem sales. Although it does not have internal links like a wiki, it is the definitive complete resource of Castle Story game items.

(DISCLAIMER: The Castle Story Guide wiki endorses but is not responsible for the referenced website. But please note that this wiki article is not an advertisement. The referenced website is not ad-supported.)