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The Learning To Play Questline is the first questline in the game. It introduces new players many of the ways the game works. It was released with the game. For a list of all questlines see Questlines.


Navigating Nature[]

  1. First Planting
  2. First Harvest
  3. Farm Plots
  4. Provide For The People

Navigating Animals[]

  1. The Lonely Cow
  2. Baby Animal Farm
  3. Feeding Time
  4. All Grown Up
  5. Milked For All They're Worth

Navigating Buildings[]

  1. Balanced Budget
  2. A Ruler's Talent
  3. A New House
  4. The Old Well

Navigating Decorations[]

  1. Wood & Stone
  2. A Little Pruning
  3. Item Hunt
  4. Clear The Land
  5. Road To Sneezeville
  6. A Gift Of Flowers
  7. Mining The Woods
  8. Marketable Materials