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Kitchen Questline

Goal Pre-requisites & Notes:

Ivy.png "I guess I can go along with this Kitchen idea. Let's try a basic recipe first. Flour is made from wheat, and is used in a lot of things."

1: Ivy The Cook? / The Kitchen

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 4 xp

Ivy.png "See... Easy! We totally could have done that in my cauldron."

Ivy.png "Let's put the Flour to use and make some Bread. And how about some Grits, too? All that takes is Corn and Water!"

2: Follow The Recipe

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 4 xp

Ivy.png "I'm going to be honest- I ate some. I hope the knights don't mind."

OldThomas.png "For example, several servings of Bread, Grits and Fish can be combined into a Simple Feast. That should be enough to get your knights to the ancient vault and back!"

3: A Simple Feast

Rewards: 1500 Coins, 5 xp

Ivy.png "Alright, we'll work on the first two. We can add Roast Chicken and Carrots to Water for the stew. Then, we'll roll some Fish in Bread crumbs!"

4: Hearty Meals

Rewards: 1000 Coins, 5 xp

Ivy.png "So, about those Skunk-kabobs?"

Ivy.png "Alright, fearless leader. Let's see the cooking magic! First Noodles, then on to the final product: Pasta!"

5: A Non-Skunk Option

Rewards: 1300 Coins, 6 xp

Ivy.png "Hey, this stuff isn't half bad!"

Ivy.png "Ok, let's prepare the feast and bring it to the knights."

6: The Hearty Feast

Rewards: 500 Coins, 1 xp

Ivy.png "The feast is ready! Bandits, your days are numbered!"

Ivy.png "Just harvest up a whole bunch of Hot Peppers and hand 'em over. I've got some secret plans. I'll tell you if they pan out."

7: Hot Peppers For Ivy

Rewards: 1200 Coins, 6 xp

Ivy.png "Alright. Now, my Hot Pepper research begins!"

Ivy.png "Round me up some Rat Tails and I'll give you the finished recipe!"

8: Ivy's Hot Sauce

Rewards: 1150 Coins, 8 xp

Ivy.png "The recipe, as promised. The tail gives it extra kick!"

Note: this goal triggers at level 17 after collecting a hot pepper. If you find the Hot Sauce is still locked, wait for the goal that asks for Hot Sauce and then collect another hot pepper (which you can have ready waiting to collect). It should then unlock.

Ivy.png "Apple pie is the best. Eating this is going to be even more fun than baking it."

9: (Skunkless) Apple Pies

Rewards: 2 Gems, 5 xp

Ivy.png "Smells amazing!"

Ivy.png "Oh, My mistake. But there will still be lemonade, yes?"

10: Ice-Cold Lemonade

Rewards: 2 Gems, 5 xp

OldThomas.png "Refreshing! I'm feeling cooler already"

Ivy.png "How about an Orange Cobbler? Maybe with a thin crust, dusted with sugar. I'm making myself hungry just describing it."

11: Ambitious Oranges

Rewards: 2 Gems, 5 xp

Ivy.png "Do me a favor and stop me before I eat too much"

Ivy.png "We can't skimp on breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day! We'll serve it buffet style at the Castle."

12: Balanced Breakfast

Rewards: 2 Gems, 5 xp

Ivy.png "Oof! I had too much bacon?"

Note: recipe unlocked when Ambitious Oranges goal (above) completed

Ivy.png "The recipe for making chocolate is pretty simple. Just use up those Cocoa Beans we harvested!"

(This overlaps with the Cocoa Crop Quests)

13. Natural Chocolate

Rewards: 1400 Coins, 9 xp Congratulations: Ivy: Urgh...I ate too much?}}

Ivy.png "Flour, chocolate, sugar...come help me stir this, then we'll fire it into the oven! You can handle the icing while I make us a treat to go with it."

14. Bake Me A Cake

Rewards: 1600 Coins, 10 xp

Note: unlocks Royal Sundae