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Kaz Tzul'jin
Trigger None
Rewards 2,400 Coins, 7 Exp
Prerequisites None
Level 22
Required Finished Defeat the Troll King, Defeated a Dire Boar
Quest progression
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In The Swamp Fishin' Ain't Easy
OldThomas.png "I'm afraid Thurston is delaying our peace efforts... In hopes of repairing the damage, perhaps we can prepare the Trolls their favorite meals? Clearly we cannot buy our way into their hearts, but it'll be a display of support."

Kaz Tzul'jin is a mission in the Troll Tribe questline. After completing the In the Swamp mission you have a conversation with the troll who tells you his name is Kaz Tzul'jin. He tells you that the trolls are trying to fight off the Dire Boars but are too tired. Old Thomas suggests you supply them with food.


Gain 5 Catfish

Gain 5 Butterfish

Reward: 2,400 Coins, 7 Exp