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Jousting Arena
Type Quest Building
Area 3 x 3 Spaces
Level Unlocked 22
Locked by Quest Putting It All Together
Max Allowed 1
Drops Longswords, Light Armor

The Jousting Arena is a special quest building. It is unlocked by the Putting It All Together quest of the Jousting Tournament Questline, and costs 50,000 Coins in the Market. It is unlocked and upgraded to level 3 during the questline, and is required for other quests, as well as for the Monster Tournament Questline.

The questline for the Jousting Arena unlocks at level 22.

The Jousting Arena changes appearance at each upgrade level (see pictures). In order to make the materials, the player level must also increase. The Jousting Arena Renovations Questline is necessary to upgrade to level 4 and 5; it unlocks special materials Gold Piping (5 Golden Nuggets, 10 Iron Ore, 1 Mithril, 2 hours) and Horse Statues.


Level Quest Materials Required Collection Time Coin Drop
1 Putting It All Together 50000 Coins, 5 Super Glue, 7 Purple Dye, 2 Royal Beams, 2 Royal Blocks 12:00 650
2 Intermission One 3 Builder's Paste, 5 Longswords, 4 Royal Blocks, 4 Royal Beams 12:00 650
3 Intermission Two 150,000 Coins, 3 Lumin Essences, 3 Enchanted Blocks, 3 Enchanted Beams 12:00 650
4 Bring out that Shine! 3 Ornate Beams (player level 25), 3 Ornate Blocks, 5 Gold Piping, 5 Rope 12:00 650
5 Jousting Time 2 Horse Statues, 5 Adamant, 10 Yellow Dye, 5 Rope 12:00 650

Note: a Level 5 arena will also spawn monsters during Monster Hunt events.