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Ivy is a character cursed as a tree. In her cursed form, she has tree-trunk colored skin and vines around her body. When you first see her, she is rooted to the ground.

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Ivy's release quest[]

The very first questline for Ivy is to return her to human form: the Ivy the Potion Lady Questline. It begins with expanding your kingdom to reach her square. Then you free her from her roots and transform her back into a human. It ends with building her a house, Ivy's Hut.

Main storyline quests[]

Later, she will pop up at other times to assign quests.

Some quest examples:

She is the force behind Ivy's Magic Nursery (optional building)

Optional gem "quests" with rebates[]

Ivy occasionally gives optional quests which require you to spend Gems. The quest assigning it will have a limited-time-offer "rebate": the quest reward will give Gems to defray your cost. The quest expires after the limited time and is removed from your quest list. If you buy the item/building after the quest expires, you will pay full price.

  • Ivy's Bake-A-Thon quest requires you to purchase Ivy's Bakery, 200 Gems. Rewards 10 Gems, plus there is another 20 Gem task. Total rebate: 30 Gems.
  • Room For Mushrooms quest requires you to buy Mythic Mushrooms, 45 Gems. Rebate/Reward 5 Gems.
  • Spoiled Rotten, requires Cabbage Hut, 450 Gems. Rebate/Reward ? Gems. (You may want to buy this optional building, to help with the Baron's Tent game! The Cabbage Hut is also sold in the Trade Wagon.)


She was chased out of her old village after rumors were spread about her being a witch, because she made potions and kept a large group of pets, including chickens and bats. Ivy enjoys games. After meeting the Baron she gets upset and asks how he could ruin them (the game he suggests is where you throw crowns on top of his head). Her potion recipes may go awry, sometimes failing and sometimes exploding in her face.


You have a choice whether to have her wander around town or stay off your display (she will still show up to give you quests.) Go to the Market menu, select Town Square, then Town Hall. Ivy, Thomas and any other "wandering" character has a checkbox for "In Kingdom." If you check it, they will stay visible, but if you turn it white they will stay hidden. Again, they will still contact you for quests and completions.

Reference: Official Forum Main Story Goal Guide, Ivy the Tree Lady

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