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How Can You Be So Heartless?
Trigger None
Rewards 10 Exp
Level 19+
Quest progression
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Really Didn't Mean To A Thurston Foundation

Ivy.png "Sounds fair enough. Better to have this baby around structure and foundation in its early years."

How Can You Be So Heartless is the third quest in the Pepe le Skunkupine Questline. None of the people you talk to want to take in the baby skunkupine. Other than Ivy (who you still don't trust to raise it). Ivy suggests you raise it, but you feel that you couldn't provide the stability necessary.


  • Offer 500,000 Coins (Any takers?)
    • Tap "Offer" to donate full amount


It seems that you just bought 10 experience for 500,000 coins. You must not be a business major.