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"An ordinary brown stable horse. Gives Horse Hair. Tiny chance for more drops."

A Horse can be purchased on the Market (under Nature-Animals).

Cost: 1500 Coins.

Level required: 17

Area: 1 x 1

Maturity: fully grown

Collection Interval: 8 hours

Drops: Horse Hair (always), Fertilizer (uncommon), Sugar (uncommon), Carrots (very uncommon).

Use: Horse Hair can be used to make Rope. Horses spawn specific monsters during Monster Hunt events.

Animal Family:

  • Premium horses are also sold on the Market: White Horse, Black Horse, and Royal Horse. Drops are the same, with higher chance for unusual items as the price increases.
  • Sir Daisy is obtained from the Sir Daisy Questline.
  • Horses only obtained in the past from expired events: New Year's Horse (Baron's Tent), Reindeer Horse (Baron's Tent), Flower Power Horse, Jousting Steed, Ostara the Satyr, Clydesdale Horse, Lucky Clydesdale, Grey Clydesdale, Judgment Gray, Pfefferknot Pony, Vineyard horse, Giles (gnome horse), Spring Clydesdale, Spring Steed, Donkey