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The unlocked Glimmergate
The unlocked Glimmergate
Type Special Locations
Area 2 x 2 Spaces
Level Unlocked 27+
Locked by Quest Monkey In The Middle
Max Allowed N/A
Drops Glimmer Golems, Glimmer Shards, Glimmer Fragments, Coins

The Glimmergate is a special location. Located in an expansion place, the Glimmergate is locked until the Monkey In The Middle quest is completed. The Glimmergate Expansion is unlocked as a part of the Glimmergate Questline, and also unlocks Lady Greselda. During the Glimmergate Questline collecting from the Glimmergate may spawn Glimmer Golems.

The Glimmergate can be moved but not stored. It may collected from every 2 hours and will provide 500 Coins and a chance at Glimmer Shards and or Glimmer Fragments.


The Expansions for the original Glimmergate position requires: