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The Frizzly Bear was introduced during the Storybook Event of The Knight's Tale as a monster to defeat which could then be crafted as a placeable creature.

Frizzly Bear.png

Frizzly Bear (Spawned Monster)[]

  • Spawned by: Ponds, Wells, Trees
  • Drops: Frizzly Tooth, (RotB) Beast Master Token
  • Hitpoints: 10

Frizzly Bear (Placeable Creature)[]

A bear with fur prone to split-ends!

  • Crafting: Building: Workshop, Time to Craft: 5 minutes, Cost: 225 Frizzly Tooth
  • Crafting: Building: Trade Wagon, Time to Craft: 15 minutes, Cost: 120 (RotB) Beast Master Tokens
  • Drops: Fur, Rat Tail, Creep Tooth, Fey Crystal, Milk
  • Collection time: 8 hours (32 gems to speed up)


  • Size: 1x1
  • Storable, Cannot be sold

Note: all information that is struckthrough is obsolete as of the end of the The Knight's Tale event, all information in plain text is current as of Revenge of the Beasts Event (RotB).