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Fishin' Ain't Easy
Trigger None
Rewards 2,400 Coins, 7 Exp
Prerequisites 5 Butterfish, 5 Catfish
Level 22
Required Kitchen
Quest progression
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Kaz Tzul'jin (Quest) Weapon Of Choice

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Kaz: "Do you even cook, human? I suppose I'll show you a thing or two about cooking fish. But don't get any ideas that this is a bonding activity, alright?"

Fishin' Ain't Easy is the thirteenth quest in the Troll Tribe Questline.


Cook Baked Butterfish (Deliciously flaky!)

Cook Catfish Soup (High in Omega-3!)

Cook Mercury Feast (Oooh...I don't feel so good...)


  • 2.400 Coins
  • 7 Experience Points